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Together we can create a life that you LOVE!

Hi, I'm Katrina.
Transformational Life & Wellness Coach & a Registered Nurse

What are your dream & desires??

Do they feel out of reach??

What if I told you they weren't out of reach?

That with the right support anything is impossible!!!

I offer support, accountability, and clarity on YOUR journey.  Sometimes journeys require a knowledgeable sidekick. That’s where I come in. No matter where you are on your journey, my holistic coaching process will help you totally transform your your health, your wellness, & your LIFE.


Together we will work on every aspect of your wellbeing and develop a plan of action to make changes in your lifestyle that will steadily improve your life. We will explore every relationship you have, with yourself, food, exercise, the people around you, etc. We will pull out all the stops and dig deep and in less time than you ever believed possible, your health will improve.


After years of working in healthcare I realized that we as people are struggling. Struggling to put the pieces together, and knowing what we should or shouldn’t do. People struggle with putting into action what they are being advised to do. Where do you start? In the overwhelm and confusion people instead sit still, becoming stagnant.


My approach to wellness focuses on a holistic approach touching on many aspects of your life to heal you as a whole so you can feel, look, and live better. 

Want Proof?

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