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"Over the past year I have been trying to get to a healthy weight and have a healthy relationship with food and loving myself. I wish I would have met with Katrina sooner because right after our conversations and coaching, things started to change. I felt motivated to make myself a better person inside and out. I started to see results on the scale as well as inside as well. I started to feel in control of myself and started to take control of my fitness journey and choosing myself. The conversations with Katrina were so impactful that I am around the corner of reaching my goal! I am at my first ten pounds lost, a goal I had for 2022 that wasn’t accomplished was accomplish in 8 weeks after speaking with Katrina! Thank you Katrina!"


"Prior to starting the nurse coaching sessions, I was in between jobs, feeling stressed, and dealing with some feelings of inner conflict with my family and friend relationships. I was holding on to past hurts and dwelling on mistakes. Through the coaching sessions, Katrina helped me realize things that I would not have reached in such a quick time on my own. She helped me refocus, get back to looking on the bright side of life, and embrace my positive energy. Katrina facilitated my health journey by examining the various aspects of my health and well-being and helped me develop personal goals."


“Peter's insightful inquiry helped me be honest with myself about what was keeping me from pursuing the things I wanted to achieve. He helped me develop strategies to overcome limiting habits I had been struggling with for years. My coaching sessions with Peter have had a lasting impact because all the insights were earned through a kind of honest work that leads to a unique empowerment that I can’t help but continue to pursue.”

"It’s a great feeling to have someone coach you and help you through difficult times. It’s better to have someone you can trust and talk to frankly and be as understanding as you were to the things that I found harder and not make me feel ashamed for the way I felt or looked. Coaching was not what I thought it was going to be. I learned more about myself in many ways when I honestly thought it was going to be someone just there to tell me what to do & what not to do."


“Working with you was instrumental in helping me figure out what I want from life, breaking big goals down into a series of small concrete achievable goals to help get me where I want to go, and in learning self-calming practices and self-encouragement strategies that can be used as tools to help me get unstuck from negative thought patterns.”

"It's hard to believe but I suffered with extreme anxiety, mood swings and low self-confidence mainly from poor eating habits. The Coaching sessions help me acknowledge what my triggers were and just speaking out loud to someone with an outsider view helped me gain the control I needed to start on a new path. I would recommend you to anyone and who feels lost and needs a hand to hold, while they redefine who they are, and what they desire from life."


"Before I started working with Katrina, I was feeling overwhelmed and negative regarding my current situation. I was reluctant to take the time to reflect on myself, making excuses for self care and focusing on the far away future and avoiding my feelings of what is happening in front of me. Katrina helped to reflect on why I needed to take care of myself and helped me to see the reasons why I wasn't taking the time to exercise. She helped me to look past the surface and reach deep inside to see the reasons why I was neglecting me. I felt so positive talking to her, her thought provoking questions were what led me to change my thinking pattern. I went from having a thought process of negative thoughts and excuses to setting small goals, obtainable goals of having a positive outlook on my situation."


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